A big question we get asked is if radar detectors and laser jammers are legal? The answer is YES! They are legal in BC, AB and SK and can help you not only save money from tickets, but help you save big on insurance by avoiding demerits. We offer the best when it comes to Radar and Laser defense, and we stay current on what law enforcement is using in these provinces.

Radar detectors are a great defense against red light cameras, speed on green cameras, photo radar trucks, and standard radar signals.  Higher end detectors will block out false threats automatically, and have filters to ignore lane departure systems from newer vehicles that can be picked up as K Band.  When it comes to laser, even the best radar detector are typically rendered useless, which is why laser shifters or “jammers” are the only way to protect yourself.

Laser guns are primarily used on highways to detect speed, along with newer DragonCam guns that shoot vehicles from behind, usually from an overpass.  To properly jam the current laser guns being used on roads today you 3 laser shifters are recommended on the front of almost any vehicle, with 2 being used in the rear.