A big question we get asked is if radar detectors and laser jammers are legal? The answer is YES! They are legal in BC, AB and SK and can help you not only save money from tickets, but help you save big on insurance by avoiding demerits. We offer the best when it comes to Radar and Laser defense, and we stay current on what law enforcement is using in these provinces. Radar Laser

Radar detectors are a great defense against red light cameras, speed cameras, photo radar, standard radar signals, and the top of the line models actually block out false threats automatically. When it comes to laser, even the best radar detector is rendered useless, which is why laser shifters or “jammers” are the only way to protect yourself.

Radar Detectors

We custom fit 2-3 laser shifters in the front bumper or grille of a vehicle, and for the best protection we add 2 shifters to the rear of the car.
Laser shifters emit their own laser signal, literally blocking or jamming the signal that has been shot at the vehicle from the police laser gun.

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